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Shengding SD-II type
Holy top-SDII color steel plate

Name:Holy top-SDII color steel plate


This product is light, durable, anti-corrosion candle, and can meet the needs of various engineering functions to achieve thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and fire prevention functions. It will achieve overall continuity and achieve the best architectural effect and use effect when used with keel.
  ★ 1. Width: 1200mm Steel plate thickness: ≥0.6mm Thermal conductivity 0.121~0.205w/(m.k)
    Length: ≤3000mm Backing 12mm fireproof gypsum board Density 1200KG/ m3 Color: off-white
    The surface coating is made of imported electrostatic spray paint, and the thickness of the front coating is not less than 60μm.
    Panel manufacturing tolerance: width 0 ~ -0.1mm, board end deviation angle 0 ~ ± 0.5
1 color steel plate requirements

Modular movable metal compartment system, the product has powerful practical functions such as fireproof, moisture proof, mildew proof, soundproof, antistatic, detachable, environmental protection and energy saving. The products have modern production technology and can be customized for different customers. To meet different needs and convenient assembly and construction methods, to meet the customer's requirements to the greatest extent.
2 color steel plate technical requirements

1. The metal structure of the building in the equipment room should be equipotential bonding. There should be no isolated conductors for ground insulation, color steel plates, light steel keels, etc. should be connected to the ground floor anti-static equipotential bonding grid.
2. SD-II steel plate thickness ≥0.6MM painted steel plate, steel plate surface paint is hardened multi-polyester paint, using electrostatic matte paint spraying process, moisture-proof,
3. Anti-mildew, acid and alkali resistant, soundproof, fireproof, anti-static, fine surface, smooth, flat, elegant, simple maintenance, greatly ensuring the cleanliness requirements of the machine room.
4. The skeleton is made of hot-dip galvanized steel keel
6. Fire performance: in line with the national standard GB 8624-2012 "Building materials and products flammability classification" provisions, fire resistance A (A2-s1, d0, t0) fire protection standards, the center number: WT2016B03C02803.
7. The compartment system complies with the GB8624-2012 National Building Materials Testing Center standard, otherwise the material A (A2-s1, d0, t0) grade material.
8. Sound insulation performance: sound insulation rate 500Hz up to 48dB
9. General thermal insulation performance: large heat capacity, strong hygroscopicity, high porosity, low thermal conductivity [generally
10. The plate is connected with the plate. The standard unit wall panels can be interchanged. The corners of the wall and the columns are treated with the same color professional edge to make the corners consistent with the wall.
11. The middle of the body wall and the inner wall is provided with an empty layer by installing the keel, which is convenient for handling wiring and piping.
12. It can be disassembled and restored, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly, and it is very convenient for maintenance of water and electricity, circuit modification, etc.
Serial number
standard requirement
Dimensional tolerance
Length mm
Width mm
Thickness mm
Weight kg/m2
Thermal conductivity W/(m.K)
Average temperature -20 ° C
Average temperature 0 ° C
Average temperature 40 ° C
Mechanical behavior
Deflection mm
Permanent deformation mm
Plate limit deviation mm
Plate thickness limit deviation mm
Dimensional stability % (105 ± 3) ° C, 7d
Anti-aging 150H
No cracks, no pinholes, no deformation
Surface flatness mm
Adjacent edge perpendicularity mm
Combustion performance A (A2-s1, d0, t0)
Total smoke production in 600s
(TSP600s), m2
Smoke generation rate index
(SMOGRA), m2/s2
Burning drip/particle
No burning drips/particles within 600s
Toxicity of tobacco
Reaching the quasi-safety level AQ2