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C-shaped slat ceilin

C-shaped slat ceiling

Metal ceiling

 1.   constituent part

   C  ondole top form is dark frame clip typ:

       Ceiling board:600×600mm or 300×1200mm,0.8mm thick aluminum alloy plate or 0.6mm thick galvanized steel sheet,Surface white electrostatic polyester powder spraying.

       Attachment: a-keel, boom;Crane accessories;Connector, edge strip;Tuyere;Bolt.

  2.  Material specification

     The basic size of the ceiling is 600X600mm or 300 1200mm, or 0.8mm, and the thickness of the
     steel plate is 0.6mm.

     Physical property of ceiling board:

       a. Coating thickness: 60-80 microns.

       b. Gloss of coating: 17.

    c. Adhesion: aluminum and aluminum alloy substrate 0 class

         Steel base material 5 t or less.

        d. Coating film hardness: > HB.

     e. Impact Resistance N.m: Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Substrates (> 4)

       Steel Substrate (> 6)

         Fire resistance:

        a. Flame Retardant  Performance Class A or B1.

        b. Self extinguishing  Self extinguishing from fire.

        c. Ceiling ceiling must consider fixing and placing parts of equipment, such as air vents, 
          radiohorns, lamp panels, etc., which can carry no less than 10 kg per square metre.

        d. Inspection criteria
          Aluminum and aluminium alloy rolled sheets GB/T 3880-1997.
          Technical Requirements and Test Method of Hot-dip Galvanized Coating for Steel Parts
          with Metal Covering Layer GB/T 13912-2002.
          Classification Method of Combustion Performance of Building Materials GB 8624-2006.
          The material requirements of the ceiling meet the requirements of Table 1.

Inspection items

Inspection requirements

Test method

Aluminum plate brand


GB/T 3880-1997

Thickness of ceilingmm


GB/T 3880-1997

Thickness deviation (mm)


Inspection with spiral micrometer

Appearance quality

Punching neat, sharp edges and corners, smooth surface, no visible wave unevenness or bump phenomenon

Visual inspection

Side Length Deviation (mm)


Inspection with steel ruler

Th   e quality requirements of electrostatic powder spraying should meet the requirements of Table 2.

Inspection items

Inspection requirements

Test method

Coating types

Thermosetting Saturated Polyester Powder Coating

GB/T 5237.4-2000

Appearance quality

The edges of the sheet should be cut neatly, without burrs, cracks and no open welding is allowed. The appearance should be neat, the pattern clear, the color basically identical, without obvious scratches and burrs, the decorative surface should not have obvious indentation, indentation and concave-convex indentation, the coating should be smooth and even, no wrinkles, flow marks, bubbles, cracks, stickiness are allowed.

Visual inspection

Coating thicknessμm

60-80, minimum local not less than 40

GB/T 4957-1985

Color and aberration

No noticeable chromatic aberration

ΔE a*b1.0

GB/T 9761-1988

GB/T 11186-1989

60 degree gloss (%)


GB/T 9754-1989 

2.    The technical requirements of the A-shaped keel GB/T 11981-2008 shall meet the relevant requirements of the GB/T 11981-2008 standard.

     1. keel thickness: > 0.4mm;

2. Mechanical properties: static load test

Loading deflection less than 5.0mm

Residual deformation less than 1.0mm

3. Appearance quality: keel shape should be flat, sharp angle, incision should not have burrs and deformation, galvanized layer without peeling, tumoring, falling off and other defects, without affecting the use of corrosion, damage, pitting, less than 1 cubic centimeter in the length of each meter of black spot more than 3;

3.           Accessories should meet the following requirements

1. Suspender: _8mm steel suspender, hot dip galvanized surface.

2. Hot dip galvanizing treatment of all steel components meets the requirements of GB/T 13912-2002, and the average thickness of zinc layer is not less than 90 microns.

3. Hot dip galvanizing on the surface of all steel components except bolts.

4. All bolts are treated by hot dip galvanizing, which meets the requirements of GB/T 13912-2002.

5. All materials have good appearance, no deformation, no hair, burrs and sharp corners that easily cause hand injuries. There must be no defect in the spare parts that hinders assembly.

IV. Requirements for acceptance of construction and completion

The construction and acceptance of the ceiling system should conform to the "Code for Ceiling Pavement Engineering" and "Code for Acceptance and Acceptance of Quality of Building Decoration and Fitment Engineering" (GB50210-2001).